The Evidence Speaks, a true-crime, documentary podcast backed by experts in forensic science and criminal justice, is brought to you by the Global Forensic and Justice Center (GFJC) at Florida International University.

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Wherever he steps, whatever he touches, whatever he leaves – even unconsciously – will serve as silent evidence against him … This is evidence that does not forget … It is not absent because human witnesses are.

Dr. Paul Kirk, Crime Investigation, 1953

Host, Writer, Executive Producer

Meredith Censullo spent more than 20 years as a TV news reporter and anchor, and made multiple appearances on well-known true-crime broadcasts. She’s also a trained Crime Scene Investigator.

Kevin Lothridge

Subject Matter Expert

Kevin Lothridge is a forensic scientist with expertise that includes forensic intelligence, emerging forensic technologies, drug and explosive chemistry and fire debris analysis. Kevin is the Director of the Global Forensic and Justice Center and Executive Director of National Forensic Science Technology Center at Florida International University.

Mitch Morrissey

Subject Matter Expert

Mitch Morrissey is a career prosecutor and retired Denver District Attorney known for championing the use of DNA to solve crimes, especially cold cases. Mitch is the co-founder of United Data Connect which assists law enforcement agencies in solving violent crimes through an innovative approach to DNA familial searching and forensic genetic genealogy analysis.